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Dental assistants and dental hygienists are valuable members of the dental care team, helping dentists in a variety of tasks to increase their efficiency in the delivery of quality oral health care. Both assistants and hygienists are skilled in basic instrument set-up and the proper use of dental tools and materials, including taking and processing x-rays, providing instruction to patients, and keeping detailed and accurate records of patient care.

X-Ray Technician Career

August 7, 2013

An x-ray technician, or radiographer, plays a critical role in assisting physicians in managing the overall digital imaging process. Typically a career as a radiographic technician involves preparing patients for x-ray imaging (including IV and any radiopaque injections), processing and developing the film, and providing information to patients regarding procedures. An x-ray technician also spends time filling the needs of physician's orders and making sure medical coding, medical billing, and insurance authorizations are in order.

Medical assistants are an integral part of running and maintaining a medical practice. While they may not serve to directly assist patients, they provide vital helping hands to doctors and other medical staff. Before considering medical assistant school, here is quick rundown on the ins and outs of a medical assistant position.

Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging is a career that allows the sonographer the independence to observe and interview the patient using communication and imaging skills in creating a diagnostic "picture." Physicians then utilize the images in formulating a diagnosis or recommending further diagnostic testing.

Many are finding that ultrasound diagnostic digital imaging is one of the most interesting and emerging fields in the healthcare industry. The ultrasound technician schools are turning out well trained students who are up-to-date with the most current Sonography technologies, which results in a very high demand for their unique experience and skills.

When people think of sonographers, the first thing that springs to mind is obstetrics. However, there are many more opportunities for sonographers than running ultrasounds for moms-to-be. They may specialize in abdominal sonography, neurosonagraphy, ophthalmic sonography, echocardiography, and vascular technology.

One of the fastest growing markets of online medical assistant schools is with trained healthcare professionals looking to get certified in a new or emerging technology. The birth of the online classroom has virtually eliminated the barriers that once made attending class for a working healthcare professional difficult or impossible. No matter where you are in the world, if you've got a computer, a network connection, motivation, and discipline, you can in most cases earn your medical assistant degree entirely online.

Even if you're already working in the healthcare industry, you can benefit from further study through online medical assistant training programs.

Healthcare is a constantly evolving field. The tireless efforts of scientists and researchers lead to new discoveries every year on the causes and treatment of physical and mental health problems. As their findings are put into practice, medical institutions are often stuck scrambling to find trained individuals capable of administering new techniques or operating new diagnostic equipment.

Also Called: Medical Coder

Job Description

Medical billing and coding careers require a great amount of determination, dedication and effort. Moreover, professionals working in the medical billing and coding field must also be flexible, versatile and adaptable. Since they are commonly tasked to handle highly sensitive patient information, they have to strictly adhere to the patient confidentiality laws.

Therapeutic Massage, once considered a luxury, is now accepted by the healthcare profession as a viable and important treatment method for a variety of chronic and acute medical problems. Massage therapy, when performed by a certified or licensed professional, can remedy stress-related health issues, heal muscle injuries, and can serve as a preventative treatment for some common stress and anxiety related illnesses.