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Types of Medical Assistant Careers

If you are curious about enrolling in medical assistant school to pursue a career in the medical field, there are some great benefits you should know regarding medical assistant careers. Not only will you enjoy job security and generous company benefits, you will also find that there is a variety of jobs from which to choose. Here are some career options for aspiring medical assistants.

Administrative Medical Assistant

While doctors and nurses play important roles in a medical office, nothing could be accomplished without the hard work of office staff known as administrative medical assistants. These professionals make sure the front-office runs smoothly by maintaining a schedule, greeting patients, filing paperwork and answering phones. Administrative medical assistants must also have some knowledge of medical terminology since they will be interacting with patients who may have questions.

Clinical Medical Assistant

If you prefer a more hands-on role in the medical field, learn more about becoming a clinical medical assistant in medical assistant school. Clinical medical assistants have administrative duties as well but work more closely with patients. Duties may include helping doctors with medical procedures, implementing medication and preparing exam rooms.

Specialized Medical Assistant

For those who have a particular area of interest in the medical field, you can pursue a specialization as a medical assistant. You must be a certified medical assistant to become eligible for the specialization process which will include an exam. Examples of specialized medical assistants include ophthalmic medical assistants, podiatric medical assistants and optometric assistants.

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